Tendencia Otoño-Invierno by @Pondecor

Fall-Winter trend



Environments designed in the Scandinavian style, tend to boast white walls to emphasize the light, a neutral and heavy color palette with touches of color, natural textures such as wood.

Curtains and rugs, and simple uncomplicated designs that emphasize a sleek, minimal aesthetic. Unique designs to keep it natural.

It is not difficult to see how styles are combined. The importance of creating spaces based on defined functions, with a few pieces, rather than an abundance of decoration.

Avant-garde and natural designs.

Some of the distinctive features of home design include natural materials such as walnut wood along with metallic materials with black finishes. Perfect combinations to create avant-garde environments.

The furniture is generally discreet but with spectacular results, since what stands out are the characteristics of the finishes.