With 15 years of experience and the same enthusiasm as the first day, Pondecor Interiorismo invests all its energy and creativity to respond the changes of a sector that is constantly advancing and renewing itself, not only in technology and innovation, but also due to the taste and needs of a society in constant evolution.

With the clear aim to satisfy our eclectic customers’ demands, we have expanded our scope seeking new proposals for each home style and customer profile, improving our products versatility.

In conclusion, Pondecor Interiorismo is adapted to the changing times by making comfort and excellence as our designs hallmark.

This know-how, latently in a restless and enthusiast work team, is based on a deep study of the client and the quality of life. We imagine, project and build for a well-being culture.

Thus, a wide range of creations with noble materials and diversity in colors and textures is born, whose result is embodied in elegant pieces in harmony with all kinds of spaces, anywhere in the world.